Innovative Dried & Fresh Fruits Processing Center

AAIDO studied the demand for further processing of almonds at local and international markets where almonds are surfed and consumed in different forms, such as coated with sweet, salted, roasted, sliced, oil extracted and powdered. Each of the product form is required by groups of customers. AAIDO and its processor/export members in coordination with other programs and projects established,

First Innovative Dried & Fresh Fruits Processing Center, in Kabul

In this center dried fruits and fresh fruits will be processed and more value will be added. The processed products will be certified with standard packaging for domestic and International markets.

This center is designed in accordance to ISO certifications and processes the dried fruits and fresh fruits as per international markets demands. In this center almond and other nuts will be roasted, salted, sliced, chopped and powdered, and will create more job opportunities for Afghan people while boosting the exports of Afghan nut products. The processing center certified by HACCP which meets all the needs of international standard.